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Hello There! 


Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting. Contained within these pages is a collection of my professional experience ranging from my first acting job at 15 years old (surviving a ‘brutal’ ‘shark attack’ on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week) to my most recent experience in Pump: A New Comedy Series. 


My time in-between has been spent at Hunter College, where I just completed my Bachelor's Degree with a 3.8 GPA as a member of the Thomas Hunter Honors Program. As I build my writing portfolio at Hunter and beyond, additions will be posted on the ‘academic’ section of the site. 

I love connecting with people, interviewing them, and learning more about their unique experiences in the world. I appreciate your time exploring my website, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, thoughts, or feelings and I’d be happy to chat with you more! 




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